Cleaning the Stairs

Breaking up with an ex is never easy, but having to move into a tiny duplex makes things twice as difficult. Having been used to a comfortable three bedroom house with lots of room to move around it’s come as a bit of a shock to have to squeeze myself and all my things into such a compact space, but the worst thing has to be the layout of my new apartment. As soon as you open my new front door you’re faced with a flight of stairs. That’s inconvenient enough, but the space is so small that it makes cleaning those stairs virtually impossible.

Carpeted stairs have never been my favorite thing. I mean, they feel nice on your feet on cold mornings, but they’re a nightmare to clean, even when you’ve got plenty of room. So, trying to vacuum those carpets with virtually no maneuver space is a challenge that I dread every week.

The vacuum that I rescued from the marital home was perfect for our old 3-bed house. Large and powerful, it had some amazing suction power and made short work of cleaning up all of our hard floors downstairs and carpeted bedrooms, however, it doesn’t really have a place in my new small home. Apart from being too heavy to drag up the steep stairs, it’s also too big and bulky to maneuver in the narrow stairway.

The solution had to be investing in a new vacuum cleaner that was more suited to my new abode. Something lighter, smaller and more efficient that wasn’t going to break my back when I carried it up and down the staircase and wasn’t going to take up all of the room in my storage cupboard. So, which were the best vacuum cleaners for stairs? I started doing some research and this is what I came up with.

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

You can’t really beat a Dyson for quality and reputation, and the Cinetic Big Ball is the best-selling vacuum from the Dyson range. Smart and powerful it’s perfect for vacuuming all kinds of surfaces around the home and thanks to its small footprint it would be perfect for my tiny duplex. The ball makes it very maneuverable, which is ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs and its deluxe set of attachments makes cleaning in that tight space even easier.


The attachment hose and power cord together reach 32 feet – ideal for staircases without mid-way power outlets.

The Trigger head combo tool has an air power beater brush which is perfect for use on rugs and carpets but is also good on the hardwood floors in my kitchen and living room. The trigger-head’s narrow design makes it perfect for use on stairs.

The turbine head is great for cleaning up pet hair, so my long haired cat will no longer be shedding all over the furniture.

There is a specialist stair cleaning tool which won’t stick on the carpets thanks to the air flow holes

The centrally steered ball makes this tool very maneuverable on staircases and landings

This vacuum won’t tip over causing a hazard on the stairs thanks to its compact design and self-righting technology

The cyclone suction system is highly effective

There is no need to replace any filters or bags

Integrated HEPA filter for better air quality

5-year warranty


Not very effective on deep pile carpets

Large debris may get stuck in the joint between the canister and hose

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Miele Complete C2 Ltd

This compact vacuum has a small footprint canister for easy storage but doesn’t compromise on power. Easy to fit on steps and landings, this is a great choice for staircases and as it is made from quality materials it is very durable. With its attractive design and rubber bumper, it will not only look great but will protect your walls, wood trim and molding.


Has a 33-foot reach making it perfect for longer staircases with no power outlets

Rubber bumper protects the wood trims and moldings on stairs and walls

An air-driven beater brush has wide coverage and an easy-access port

Perfect for medium pile and low pile carpets

The attachments can all be stored in the canister for easy storage

7-year warranty for peace of mind


Not ideal for thick pile carpets

Weighs 20 lbs which makes it harder to carry

In the end, I decided to go for the Dyson – the great maneuverability and light body weight swayed me in its favor. Now I can’t wait to clean my stairs!

A new life… a new vacuum!

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