Loving Yourself

Having an appreciation of your self-worth can give you a powerful insight into how to valuing others, leading to more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. I feel that most of my relationships didn’t work out because I didn’t know enough about myself in the first place.

Having love for yourself and being self-centered or selfish, are completely different things. Loving yourself. By appreciating positive qualities within yourself whilst not at the expense of others, you can nurture those qualities and let them shine in a loving relationship.

Love starts with you. You are responsible for your life, actions and choices, so we have to not neglect ourselves. Read the reasons below to learn how essential it is to self-love.

Loving Yourself By Accepting Yourself

I know very well which side of me are positive and which are negative. This doesn’t imply I’m happy with my traits, just that we should never stop improving ourselves.

Accepting who you are and embracing your personality, you feel less pressure to compare yourself against others. This is an inspirational and powerful feeling.

Boost Your Confidence

Confident people exude charisma. Compassion is important, but we are usually subconsciously drawn to confident, positive people. Those of us who love ourselves have higher self-esteem which leads to more confidence. This puts us at an advantage in getting better jobs, promotions, friends and even admirers. I believe this is a vital reason for loving yourself.

Beat Self-Reproach

Shame, sorrow and self-reproach are terrible things to go through. Loving yourself leads to less anxiety, depression, stress and self-berating or self-torture.

I had a friend who’d always struggled with weight, despite being a very attractive girl. She became obsessed with dieting to an unhealthy extent and lost so much she became ill. Far from giving her back her self-esteem, this just led her to self-loathing and lack of self-love.

Loving Yourself Improves Your Looks

This is really easy. Ignore your weaknesses and little imperfections and focus on your strengths instead. Everybody has what they would call imperfections, but for most, they don’t let it become a problem. I am not a tall person, but there’s nothing I can do about it so there’s no point in dwelling on it. I’ve been thinking about this for years but I just couldn’t see I have beautiful eyes, nice body and a kind heart.  When I eventually accepted this imperfection, it only made me more beautiful.

Family Life Will Benefit From Loving Yourself

Loving yourself means you are more aware of what you think you deserve. Take my mom for example. She and my dad have been together for 25 years in a warm and loving relationship.

There has never even been a hint of poor respect or contempt between them. I’m pretty sure my mom would never stand for it. Love yourself to avoid being ill-treated. This is so important for making family life healthy.

This Naturally Leads To Happier Children

Kids copy the behaviors of their parents. To love yourself you establish healthy, vital examples to your kids.

Change Your World Through Self-Love

Falling in love with another person makes everything more beautiful, alive and vibrant. This is just the same when you love yourself. You will look at the world from a fresh perspective. But it’s important to remember that the changes are only to your perception.

Self-love will allow you to become better as a person. You will find psychological, physical and emotional states improved. Try it and attract more positive circumstances and people.