Single Ladies to Do List

Right after my break up I thought the worse thing in the world would be to go do things by myself. I thought I would be so bored, however, I have learned that the adventures I can have alone are far more exciting and suited to me than any adventure I ever went on when I was in a relationship. Here is a list of my top things that all single girls should do sometime in their lifetime. I haven’t done them all yet, but I am working on it!

Are you on the same old market again? Not really enjoying it? Why not use it as a golden opportunity to increase your resale value, improve your self-esteem or simply do something for yourself? This list gives essential experiences for single women who find themselves with some time to spare.

You can increase your confidence if you…

Take yourself to the movies by yourself.

Boost your self-esteem by exercising.

Try new outdoor activities like riding a bike, surfing or water skiing.

Get organized around the home by taking the trash out, paying the bills or putting up furniture.

Prove your independence by living away from family.

Set yourself an ambitious physical goal like running a marathon and feel that rush of satisfaction when you actually finish!

Visit the doctors by yourself.

Leave your job, hey, it’s only affecting you so why not?

Visit another country on your own.

Be more assertive.

Create future happy memories

Experience something you will only do once in your life, like climbing a glacier or chasing tornadoes.

Immerse yourself in as much bad TV as you like, while there’s no one else there to fight over the remote.

Drink in the daytime, just because there’s no one to stop you.

Have dates with guys who make you really nervous.

Date a man who treats you like a billion dollars.

Go and date guys who really make you laugh.

Put your life in perspective

Remember to be a great wing woman, sometimes it’s about other people.

Make time for your grandma, she did for you!

Contribute to society by volunteering.

You’ll appreciate your new man more if you…

Spend a Valentine’s Day by yourself at least once.

Go to a wedding by yourself.

Go out with some not so nice guys to make the others look even better!

Make yourself attractive

Send flowers to yourself.

Buy a cute black dress with matching sexy shoes.

Drink martini in a bar on your own.

Treat yourself to something really expensive and frivolous.

Put all that free time to good use

Continue your education or try classes in a subject that interests you.

Learn a new language.

Increase your value as a future partner

List your faults. Be honest, even you have some!

Teach yourself to be a great cook.

Try some new hobbies. To appear more interesting and three-dimensional.

Have married friends work on any online dating to check your profile.

Sort out your finances.

To make yourself feel good about being unattached…

Babysit someone else’s baby for a night, you’ll love coming home to a quiet house!

Be there for a friend while she’s going through a divorce or particularly painful separation.

Arrange a girl’s night in. Some women in couples forget how we need to be there for each other.